Identity Insured

You have insurance for your home, car, and life but do you have insurance for your family’s identity & credit?

Protect your identity and credit from data breaches, hackers, and the dark web today!

Million Dollar Identity & Credit Insurance

Get Peace of Mind & Sleep well at night!

Covers Attorney & Expert Restoration

Our full service Identity Restoration Experts and attorney will restore  your identity and credit if ever compromised due to fraud or theft, up to $1M.

Includes Lost Wages & Income

Any income or wages lost as a result of identity & credit theft will be paid out when you’re a part of the Identity Insured family.

Additional Expense Compensation

Any personal expenses incurred to reinstate loans, grants, and other lines of credit as a result of identity theft will be paid out up to the limits of your plan.

“Nearly 60 Million Americans have been affected” by Identity Theft 
– 2018 Harris Poll Survey

There’s a new Victim of Identity Theft Every 2 Seconds”
– Recent Identity Theft Study by
Javelin Strategy & Research

Stats & Facts

In 2018, over 1 million children were victims of Identity Theft resulting in over $2.67 Billion in losses and millions in expenses for families. – Business Insider

Kids are easy targets due to their young online footprints and lack of cyber security. We protect your child’s identity and future credit by monitoring the dark web and social media, and alert you when a potential threat is detected.


Your child turns 18 and needs to use their credit to get an auto or student loan, but cannot due to identity theft that has ruined their credit profile years before.

Identity Insured founder, Leo Kanell, faced that reality when his young son Marcus, had his identity stolen. Fortunately Leo’s wife Jill, caught onto the theft early and was able to reverse the damage done to their young son’s credit file. Many families today are not so lucky.

From that fateful day on, Leo made it his mission to protect the identities of all families, especially children.

Enjoy the safety of the best identity & credit insurance on the market, coupled with dark web monitoring, social media monitoring, credit education, and more.

Protect Your Family

Protecting you and your family is personal to the Identity Insured team because to us, you are family. With our million dollar identity and credit insurance you can rest easy knowing that we are dedicated to protecting you and your family.

Be want to be more than your average insurance company, we also monitor credit applications, offer lost wallet restoration as well as powerful credit and finance education to strengthen your finances. These strategies can save your family thousands in lower rates, payments, and lending fees with our credit secrets.

Protect Your Employees

Adding Identity Insured to your employee benefits package eliminates potential stress and lost productivity of employees whose identity has been stolen.

Bring peace of mind and increased value to show your employees how much the company cares. Add family & child plans at discounted rates.

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SmartMoney Tactics Revealed

In addition to protecting your credit and identity with Identity Insured, enjoy our SmartMoney Resources where you can learn how your credit score and profile are generated, unlock the secrets to lower rates, and paying off your debts at 0% interest up to 15 months.

Identity Insured’s founder has personally reviewed over 100,000 credit reports and weekly shares the secrets of superior credit and SmartMoney techniques that can improve your family’s financial well being!