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A young boy, Marcus, was busy playing outside. He loves football and soccer and dreams about playing college sports or launching his own youtube channel. His mom Jill, received a call from a creditor who informed her that young Marcus’ identity had been stolen and that credit was being opened up in his name. A nightmare flashed in Jill’s eyes as she imagined a future where Marcus would be unable to qualify for a car loan, credit card or student loan. How would he be able to build his own life when he became an adult with a tarnished identity and credit profile?

This very real nightmare actually happened and when Marcus’ father Leo Kanell discovered the potential damage and life altering affect it could have on his son Marcus, that was when he knew that families and children everywhere would need to be protected. So Leo, a serial entrepreneur who has personally reviewed over 100,000 identity and credit reports in his career decided to create the first family focused Identity & Credit Insurance company in the US. The result is an identity protection platform that allows parents and children to sleep well at night knowing that they are protected by Identity Insured’s $1 million Identity & credit insurance. The software platform monitors family’s private information on the dark webs, social media like Facebook & Instagram, and each family member’s identity and credit profiles.


Leo Kanell

Founder & CEO

Leo is a husband and father of 6. He loves listening to books, watching the New Orleans Saints play, and he often spends his summers wakeboarding with his wife and kids. Leo is passionate about entrepreneurship and fully supports the passions of his children. Including guitar, dance, soccer, football, and gaming. You will often find leo coaching his sons football team on the weekends.

Kurtis Christensen

VP of Strategic Partnerships

A few things to describe Kurtis best would be cycling, Utah Jazz, Football (Denver and BYU), movies, halo, hilarious, and foodie. 

Ben Argyle

Account Executive

Ben loves golfing, traveling on the weekends, and spends most of his free time helping others learn how to sell on Amazon – a surprissing passion of his!

Corissa Christensen

Co-Founder & COO

Corissa was born and raised in Utah but her favorite place is a tiny town in New Mexico called Luna. You will find her there every summer for a few weeks, and she dreams of owning land and a small cabin there someday. Corissa loves weightlifting, but hates cardio. She enjoys relaxing with a good book, and frequently travels to Denver, CO with her husband to watch the Rockies & Broncos play!

Nate Russell

Account Executive

Nate is the father of the cutest little boy, loves playing basketball, pickle ball, and taking weekend trips with his wife to Saint George, Utah. 

Kylee Whitney

Onboarding Manager

Kylee is happily married with a little one on the way. She loves camping with friends, playing at the park with her dog, running, and loves spending time with her husband. 

Tyler Talbot

Co-Founder & CSO

Ty is a Utah native and loves his wife and dog more than anything. Being named after Ty Detmer, he loves BYU football. He is a massive Miami Dolphins fan (if you ask me he needs some new teams). If he is not in the office or at home with his family there is a 99% chance he is out golfing. Ty is passionate about sales and training and loves to work in the small business/startup space.

Kevin Hill

Account Executive

Kevin loves traveling the world with his wife, when he’s home he enjoys long rides on the Pelaton, golfing with friends, and playing with his kids dogs.


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