Clients Receive

1. Premiere Family Identity & Credit Protection
Protection for 2 adults and up to 10 kids. Monitor everyone’s credit while continuing to protect it from hard inquiries!

2. $1M Credit & Identity Restoration Insurance
Including US based identity restoration team, reimbursement of lost income & wages, attorney costs, and more.

3. Dark web & Social Media Monitoring
Find out exactly if/when your information is getting sold on the Dark Web, including your social media and bank account information!

4. SmartMoney Secrets
Learn how your credit score and profile is generated, save thousands on your home, auto, and credit card debt, and unlock the secrets to winning lower rates from lenders on all funding types. 

You Receive

Everything the Client Gets
Enjoy all the perks of Identity Insured including the 1$M credit & identity Insurance!

Custom Affiliate Landing Page
Perfect for sharing on your site, social media, & with your current customers!

Monthly Residual Commissions
Earn 20% on each current & active customer signed up, earn an additional 10% when you refer additional partners to the Identity Insured program.

Weekly Reports of your current active customers. 

Marketing Videos and Posts
Need to get the word out about Identity Insured? Share with your network to add value and generate new sales!

We Work Better Together

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