Protect Your Employees

Identity Insured Helps

Keep Employees Safe

Employee benefits continue to evolve and more and more they are asking for more value from their employers, not just money.

  • Providing identity & credit insurance as an employee benefit adds tremendous value to your benefits packages.
  • Give your employees peace of mind by protecting their identity, credit & children’s future.
  • Family focused plans that show your employees that you care.
  • Smart Money strategies reveal how your employees can improve their finances & master their credit which can save them thousands!

SmartMoney Tactics Revealed

In addition to protecting your credit and identity with Identity Insured, enjoy our SmartMoney Resources where you can learn how your credit score and profile are generated, unlock the secrets to lower rates, and paying off your debts at 0% interest up to 15 months.

Identity Insured’s founder has personally reviewed over 100,000 credit reports and weekly shares the secrets of superior credit and SmartMoney techniques that can improve your family’s financial well being!