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In 2017, over 1 Million Children were victims of Identity Theft, Resulting in $2.6 Billion in losses and millions in expenses For Families.  – Business Insider 

Kids are easy targets due to their young online footprints We protect your Child’s identity and future credit By monitoring the Dark Web and Social Media.

Imagine that your child turns 18 and needs to use credit to get An auto loan or a student loan, but cannot due to identity theft that has ruined his/her credit profile. Identity Insured founder Leo Kanell faced that possibility when his son Marcus had his Identity stolen. From that day on Leo made it his mission to Protect the identities of families and children.

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In addition to protecting your credit and identity with Identity Insured, enjoy our SmartMoney Resources where you can learn how your credit score and profile are generated, unlock the secrets to lower rates, and paying off your debts at 0% interest up to 15 months.

Identity Insured’s founder has personally reviewed over 100,000 credit reports and weekly shares the secrets of superior credit and SmartMoney techniques that can improve your family’s financial well being!